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Posted: 24th Jul 2017 13:39
I recently tried some experiments with various tools to test the website and did many attempts but failed to do a small server down. Tried the same experiment on various famous websites and they got easily down but gameguru forum didn't.

Sorry if I did anything bad. I just get fun to play with these things and say my thoughts. If it is against the aup please remove it I was just trying to help.
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Posted: 24th Jul 2017 17:14
While it is good that you found our security and server network to be up to your "testing", it is a criminal offence to attempt to hack any website even for ethical reasons without the website owners permission.

You could have caused damage to our systems or caused system outages, which is something we wouldn't appreciate.

You have admitted to the offence and this is a serious breach of our terms of service not to mention the law. After reviewing your account history, your account has been perma-banned.

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Posted: 24th Jul 2017 18:26
Unbelievable. Some just don't learn.
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Posted: 24th Jul 2017 20:22 Edited at: 24th Jul 2017 21:11
Quote: "If it is against the aup "

Your kidding right .... Its a prison term in some countries.
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Posted: 19th Aug 2017 12:31
Wow. What's this guys deal? I seem to remember him saying he ran a pirate version of GG also. I mean it's like him trying to break into your house and then congratulating you when you return saying how hard it is to break in...
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Posted: 19th Aug 2017 14:31
He's 13, hopefully he has plenty of years ahead of him to learn.

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Posted: 20th Aug 2017 20:06
ahahahahaha i can't stop laughing.
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Posted: 22nd Aug 2017 03:22 Edited at: 22nd Aug 2017 03:23
I'm pretty sure scanning website exploits is illegal ... o_o

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Posted: 22nd Aug 2017 12:58
aww bless him LOL
Welcome to the real world!
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