Third Party Tools / Interchangeable weapon HUDS using Fragmotion-anyone want a tutorial?

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Posted: 26th Jul 2017 16:24 Edited at: 26th Jul 2017 16:26

hope you don't mind my continued posts here, its with your tuition I have got this far so I think people should see

Anyhow I have decoupled my hudlayer from the jetpack9 hud and created a new hud layer called joysticks, I have also created a couple of LUA scripts (LOL get me) one for the hud target and one for the actual hud, unfortunately the jetpack9 is hardcoded in gameplayercontrols.lua and I have not touched that yet so in theory I have a flying Moose lol not what I want but suppose it could be cool, my next step is to copy the jetpack section in gameplayercontrols and see what I can do with it.

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