Feature Creep / More Terrain sculpting brushes.

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Posted: 12th Jul 2017 18:05
When I start with a new random level the terrain is nicer and more angular than if I do it myself, when using the terrain brushes I just get rounded mounds, we could really do with some different shaped sculpting brushes other than the standard round one.
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Posted: 12th Jul 2017 20:23
This comes up every few months, I really wish they would add some. Even if it was just a single square brush so we could make straight edges would make it 100% better than it is.

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Posted: 17th Jul 2017 00:55 Edited at: 17th Jul 2017 01:25
Yeah this would be so nice to have.

I would love some kind of stamp brush for variety in shape when creating elevations other than just round mounds.

Would also be cool to have a toggle for the current brush (smooth\random) to create either smooth hills, or hills with random indents and high spots like you get when you create a new random map.

But this sot of thing has been asked for numerous times - so we wait in anticipation . . . . . . .

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