Feature Creep / Why not try making this h engine decent and not another feature free FPS Creator?

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Posted: 9th Jul 2017 19:47 Edited at: 9th Jul 2017 21:42
My previous post was too negative.

Basically this engine needs more customisation and feature optimization.

What I'd like to see:

-Interior Cells - so if I'm walking around the game world I walk up to a building and press E at the door I enter the building. This would add so much more
variety and non linear game play.

All of these should be able to be expanded upon via scripts:

-A basic inventory/quest log
- Basic mechanics like swimming, driving cars, jumping etc
-Better enemy AI as it's currently pretty bad.
-Option to create a minimap/game map.

Every system in the engine needs to be as open ended and customizable as possible. Previous engines developed by you guys have always been rudimetary and basic in their design. I hope you guys can see past and disregard previous FPS Creators and take on a fresh approach to game design that allows us the user to actually make a game worth playing.
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Posted: 9th Jul 2017 21:42
Quote: "For instance: I want to be able to have buildings in my game world with a door that you can press E when your in front of it and your loaded into an interior cell (new map) for that building, this would open up so many possibilities! Open world non linear game anyone?"

You can kind of do that already, there's a teleport command that transfers you to another object on the map, you set the door up as the trigger, then build an interior elsewhere on the map and set an object in that interior as the target.

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Posted: 9th Jul 2017 23:37
Interesting idea that. Ideally I'd like the cell to be directly under the building (underground) to avoid having an entire segment of the map devoted to house/building interiors.

Once GG finally downloads I'll have a look and a play around, some folks mentioned that its had a few updates so i thought id give this tool another chance before I write it off completely.
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Posted: 10th Jul 2017 16:13 Edited at: 10th Jul 2017 16:26
Game Guru does not operate in cells. It is very different from creation kit in all regards.
The feature you describe can however be implemented rather easily with the teleport commands.

Interior Design

Exterior Design

Everything else you noted, except for the enemy AI where another update is indeed needed, has been done and some instances of it can be seen in the W.i.P and Showcase board. It is not a direct function of the software itself, however, it rarely is. The only software I know off that has all these features out of the box is the famed RPGMaker series. However, this tool is 2Dimensional and most content is heavily Anime themed.

Quote: "to actually make a game worth playing."

Please define that? Do you find all FPSCreator releases too amateurish to even bother? If so, I don't think you will much like what you find with GG.

This is a decent fps action game made in fpscreator by Bugsy.
This is a fantasy adventure I developed pretty far until I swapped to GG.
I'm a little bewildered by your grand dismissal of all our work because indie games in general didn't seem all too much better than this back then, unless there was a small studio involved. So, if you wish, please name a few indies you find enjoyable.

Anyway, just check out what games are being made on here and what you can do yourself with the tool. Also note that everything you have suggested here has already been suggested plenty of times. This community is not cut off from the rest of gaming Lee is currently implementing DX11 so there will no major updates like you suggested any time soon.


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