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Posted: 22nd May 2017 23:54 Edited at: 23rd May 2017 00:39
Daish Assault - The Videogame

Developer: Realsalewa Soft;
License type: Freeware;
Size: 398 MB.

About the game:

In 2017, the terrorists attacked Russia and you are to liberate it. The game has three levels, on each of which you need to neutralize the radio communication points of terrorists. In the game more than 150 models, 5 weapons, 5 models of terrorists that are modeled in GameGuru Character Creator. The game has many ways to go, a balanced level of complexity. The first level represents the major cities of Russia, the second level of its forest and village, the third level is its cities in the mountains.


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Posted: 23rd May 2017 15:59 Edited at: 23rd May 2017 16:02
I can see what you are trying to do here,but this game needs a lot of work before you could call it ready for people to play (this is going by the video you posted ) I wish you lots of luck with it though.

(I will download full game when I'm on my comp later)

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Posted: 26th May 2017 04:29
Try to make it better..
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Posted: 26th May 2017 14:41
Y'a always have to start somewhere!! And you have ambitions! So put 'em to good use, read some design and development tutorials and improve on it.
Russians often make very interesting games

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