Feature Creep / Please, add a Rail-shooter system

Cody Mowell
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Posted: 28th Mar 2017 05:59
First, let's talk about the choice of genre: the rail shooter. It's an older style, but age in itself doesn't determine quality. We live in a time where first person shooters are legion, and most operate very similarly. If you ever want a break from that, one option is to try an older style. Would it be more exciting in an arcade cabinet?

Do not need much thought , Utilize weapons ranging from handguns to mounted cannons and grenades to stay alive, keep fighting, and complete your mission.

I miss that time pure game Just like the Rambo video game , HF Afghanistan

This game totally reminds me of the arcade lightgun games like Time Crisis and The House Of The Dead. The graphics are a lot more modern than either of those games though. It looks pretty nice, and moves fast. With the different vehicles and the different weapons, and the equipment upgrades there are a lot off different ways to play. When you're shooting outdoors on foot, use the assault rifle. Indoors, use the shotgun. Either that, or upgrade your armor (Life on the life bar), and take more hits before you need to restart the level. Fun game for sure. Oh, after playing it, I felt like I was more accurate in other FPS games. It feels like good practice to me.
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Posted: 28th Mar 2017 08:35
It can already be done via scripting, i can't remember exactly where but there was a thread with a script in it on these forums somewhere.

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Posted: 30th Mar 2017 02:46
Yeah was gonna say, this is something that can be done with LUA. By controlling the player and the camera. Not something that would be directly integrated into the engine itself.

Be interesting if there was a way to script it so the player would use a waypoint and with each "point" it would allow for the player to look around and shoot. This would certainly be more of a question for a talented scripter.
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Posted: 3rd Apr 2017 10:55
I think this would be easier using the DarkGDK

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