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Posted: 26th Mar 2017 02:00
Not sure how this kinda post works here, my first time.

MakeThatMoney is a text based management game. You start with 500$, and need to find the best and quickest route to becoming a millionaire.

In MakeThatMoney, you play as John.. A 21 year old who decides it's time to achieve his dream of becoming a millionaire. Leaving home with just 500$ to spend, you have to start at the bottom, working for scraps, sleeping in a box every now and then..
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Posted: 26th Mar 2017 08:40
Looks like an interesting game choice to use GG for but from the video it works pretty well, congrats on the release and I hope it goes well for you
lua guide for GG
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Posted: 26th Mar 2017 17:26 Edited at: 29th Mar 2017 18:09

Please edit your thread to follow our showcase guidelines.
Otherwise I'll be forced to lock it.

Thank you!


Edit: Locked due to non-compliance. If you wish to edit your post you can contact a moderator to unlock this thread.

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