Feature Creep / Projectile Weapons?

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Posted: 8th Feb 2017 19:29
Just throwing in my 2ยข. Anyone else want to see this?

Arrows, crossbows, throwing spears+knives+axes, all manner of guns of course including sci-fi lasers, fireballs+spells, etc.

Not sure if the engine would even support it or if it'd be unrealistic how much work+time to implement however.

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Posted: 9th Feb 2017 13:59
This is already part of the package.

Templates include a fireball, a rocket launcher and grenades. You can go from there.
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Posted: 12th Feb 2017 10:12
I find it odd we dont have bullet paths of any sort visible for guns. Same case with FPSC. Just a muzzle flash. Also I dont seem to hear any impact sounds.

So much improvements need to be made in this area..
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Posted: 12th Feb 2017 17:13
Quote: "So much improvements need to be made in this area.."

Bring on Bullet Physics , and we can make a raycast segment , move it at some speed and check impact while displaying a trace effect at it's position.
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Posted: 12th Feb 2017 20:04
This would indeed be a great feature to improve the gameplay!

I asked about this - I think that was a few years ago - and Lee directly confirmed it as a possible future implementation.

The ability to feel "real bullets" being shot from the guns, bullet impacts and flying tracers could also improve the level of immersion for the player!

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