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Posted: 7th Jan 2017 14:28 Edited at: 9th Jan 2017 20:55
It would be a good addition if GG had a better TPS template.

These options would be welcome :

1) Be able to use any characters for TPS and be able to use more animations than basics ones (melee, combo melee, more attacks type, climb wall)

Some interface where you could choose a 3D model, define any number of attacks melee and their lenght or ranged attacks,

where you could pick up the animation to play. Something like a TPS template easy modifiable.

2) An option to lock camare to only TPS camera view without beeing able to turn camera around the character

3) Some Over the shoulder zoom camera movement, with some parameter that could be called with script or for weapons "Zoom mode"

4) Enable/Disable TPS camera to be able to play cut scenes where you see the player character

5) an option to choose MMo camera or TPS only camera with parameters to adjust lenght, orientation , camera smoothing

6) A basic Climb Wall ability with animation
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Posted: 17th Jan 2017 12:22
Agreed with this one. As I really want to create a third person multiplayer game. Third person should be just as easy and customizable as FPS.
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