Feature Creep / Things that i think are essensila an missing rigbt now.

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Posted: 5th Jan 2017 03:23
1)More controls over lights like strength shape_spot lights) and be able to contol them in game woth scripts or other methods
2)Importing multimaterial objects
3)importing meshes with parent constraints for example i have a car the wheells are seperate messes but they are parented to the main body and act as a single entity
4)the ability to change the properties collision etc of an entity after its been imported.
5)A way to disable sunlight
6)improve bloom performance never seen a bloom effect eating so mutch resources
7)be a able to configure animation and Ai actions through logick bricks or something
8)a simple material editing tool
9)fully Suport the .fbx format
10)more 3rd person setings like shoulder cam etc.
11)make it more friendly for importing new assets.
12)Cameras.able to set multiple cameras and decide witch one is the active one also the ability to create paths for cameras to animate for cut scens and stuff.
13)In editor basic geometry editor for creating basic structures and able to aply materials o. Them per face.
14) more condrol over the player like slow the player down gorce the player to llookdown at a specific point.and not just intsntly llook there rotate until it meets its target.tell thelayer to go and llook to animate ecific spot usi g the already build in pathfinding system
15)comandser character like this will be yoir walk animatio that will be your attack animation this will be your cut sceme 1 animation etc
16,)for mellee combata able to set witch part can hirt the player for example o ly when the weapon af the enemy colide witch the player then player gets hit.
17)i am looking how yhe animation in colaboration witch the build in ai works of it is like what i imagine it is this will be a great obstacle to customize your gameplay ai and animation of your gameplay bit more on this later.

Its great engine overall but i think is missing some key features

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