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Shoota-Man is back in his final and biggest adventure yet! With Zanthrex making one big final assault on the SMF it is up to Shoota-Man to stop him once and for all.

This will be the final Shoota-Man game in the planned series for Game Guru. I want this to be the biggest game in the series and I am trying to push myself as well as the engine. The game will feature many varied levels with its own theme and feel. It will have a decent size HUB area were you can go to each mission. There will also be hidden items and easter eggs in the HUB world. The game will remain to have fast paced gameplay of shooting, running around a maze, and finding keys to unlock doors.

I have been working on this game since late August and I am super happy to share with you I have a playable demo available to download right now!

I wanted the full game finished by Christmas but due to some bugs with the A.I. I have to wait for the engine to get an A.I. overhaul. So at least I can give a demo until the full game releases. I am now planning on getting the game out sometime in 2017.

Below I have some images you can view so you can get an idea of how the game will look.

For more information visit my site Attsri Studios

After you play the demo please leave feedback on what you thought of the demo! Thank you!

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