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Posted: 12th Oct 2016 20:47
Guys go check out my game
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Posted: 12th Oct 2016 23:58 Edited at: 13th Oct 2016 00:02
Hi you should keep these rules in mind when posting in the showcase area:-

Rules of the GameGuru Showcase Board

- The layout of your entry MUST be made in the following manner:

1.) Name of Game (in bold, underlined and centered); this can be substituted by a Title Graphic (the Game name must be in the graphic). The graphic should be reasonable in size.
2.) Developer name (a "company name" is acceptable)
3.) Storyline and/or description
4.) 3 Screenshots no larger than 1024x768 (in-game only; thumbnails are acceptable)
5.) Link to additional images (optional)
6.) Website and/or videos...must be click-able (optional)
7.) Download link...must be click-able (optional)
8.) Credits (optional)
9.) Contact info (optional)

Just edit your above post for community members to check your demo out.
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Posted: 14th Oct 2016 07:25
This thread has been locked as it does not adhere to the showcase board rules. These can be found here. Please send me or another moderator a PM once you are ready to edit your thread to follow community guidelines. We can then unlock this thread.


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