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Posted: 10th Oct 2016 16:22 Edited at: 10th Oct 2016 16:27
a direct and "inyourface" game inspired by painkiller and serious sam
hopes you like my concept
here the video
silver is light
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Posted: 10th Oct 2016 17:37 Edited at: 10th Oct 2016 17:37
Looks interesting, but you've posted in the wrong part of the forum, this section is for finished games and demos, concepts and unfinished work belongs in the Work In Progress section.

here are the rules for this section:

i5, NV960 2GB, 16GB memory, 2x 2TB Hybrid, Win10.
i3 , Intel integrated graphics, 6GB memory, 512GB Generic SATAIII Win8.1.
Intel Celeron (duel Core), Radeon integrated graphics, 4GB memory, 180gB Generic SATAII, WinVista.
Q6600, Intel integrated graphics, 8GB memory, 512GB Generic SATAII, Win7.
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Posted: 14th Oct 2016 07:28
This thread has been locked as it does not adhere to the showcase board rules. These can be found here. Please send me or another moderator a PM once you are ready to edit your thread to follow community guidelines. We can then unlock this thread.

This thread has not been moved to the work in progress section as it does not follow the necessary guidelins for that board either.


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