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Obviously the title is being pended, but I have started this project a while back but I thought in this time of silence I would throw this out there. I plan on putting it on steam when its finished, but its light years from done, I have a lot of resources still yet to obtain. I have someone working on the sound as well, but I added some sound in, It is just a demo at the moment and the story gets more broad as I write it.

Download link

Some screenshots
The whole map so far in the editor

A screenshot of one of the scenes.

a sky shot of the neighborhood

A sky shot of the town

a sky shot of the lake and surrounding area.

In modern time we don't expect to see anything of the sort, however I plan to capture the essence of A true zombie apocalypse as close as Game guru will let me. You play as A new corprol that has been picked to be stationed at the newly obtained fort from isis in Baghdad. Shortly after taking the base the soldiers found documents linking ex-soviet scientists, and isis working together to create chemical weapons. We wasn't aware of the scale of threat that we have just found so your squad is to track down these former ex-soviet scientists and find out what they were working on.

This is all the story I can give you without ruining the plot, or spoiling anything. However as I get more developed I will update this thread, this is just a demo, to give you the feel and atmosphere of the game. I did intend on calling the game Death valley, the game will stretch across quite a few places in the world but the most of it will take place in a well populated valley.

the game uses the default controls with some added.
X - the status menu
Z - use a medkit ( there is only one atm in the game so use it wisely.)

the dirt roads will be replaced with actual roads later but since the roads take some planning, and the map is constantly changing I figured i would use dirt roads for the time being.
Don't forget to get the items after you land on the ground.
Markchapman10 is my Skype let's have some dev talk.

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