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So I'm not the greatest writer in the world, and I wanted to make something with the Starter Bundle and whatever resources I could find on the forums for free

I am not able yet to add a story to the game, but I do have one in mind.

Your name is Ben Dixon, Daryl Dixon's Son. Your mother always told you that he was your father, but you never actually had the pleasure of making a memory with him. So you have a personal life goal to uncover the truth of Daryl's Last Day.

Along the way there are side stories, (sorry I am noob and I don't know how to add the stories to the game yet). Cashi is one character hiding under a tree surrounded by Zombies, he needs help finding his family that were taken by a Leader of Barbarians, that have taken it upon themselves to keep hordes in their compounds. There are more side stories, but I wish to save the surprise for the Showcase

There are easter eggs along the way, some you can actually use, and others that don't do anything. My friend completed what I have made so far in 30 minutes of gameplay, I tested it out a few times and my machine is not that great and I always die There is a victory point.

I know that I need to add more health points, but I thought I could use characters as health regen zones, but that did not work yet, am I not knowing something?

I do have ideas for further levels that require purchases on the Game Store(s), which hopefully I can do later.

Developer: Chungsie, BComics

Title: Darryl's Day

also, here's to my first ever post


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Posted: 14th Aug 2016 08:03
Fixed your link in post above.

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Posted: 16th Aug 2016 01:50
your game is missing the exe. How did you manage that? It's just files and we can't play it.

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