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Posted: 12th Aug 2016 20:01 Edited at: 12th Aug 2016 20:07
We no longer allow requests in this board, outlined below is what will not be accepted;

  • Threads created by users requesting custom media. This applies to both free and paid requests!
  • Threads created by users requesting modifications to existing media, which they intend to use solely for their own use.

If you wish to do the above contact an artist directly via PM or email and ask them what their services will cost, or if they would kindly help for free.

However we do allow request threads such as the following:

  • Threads started by artists offering free media to gain experience or to give back to the community. If you are requesting media in one of these threads you MUST remain polite and patient. Artists offering free services often do so as an extra on the side and if they have free time, be understanding of this fact.
  • Threads created by users where they are requesting community help with a model they have solely created while learning and need help fixing. In this case all files for the model should be uploaded publicly so any community member can fix and upload a fix publicly. If the model is for private use make a thread in the "3rd Party Models/Media Chat" board and ask for help.

Any threads not meeting these requirements will be deleted or locked.
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