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Sigtrygg R.
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Posted: 11th Aug 2016 18:38

I have created a zombie-game.
I would like to hear your opinion.
For the first gate you have to find the key. All other gates will be opened by hand.
Do you find the hidden jetpack?




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Posted: 11th Aug 2016 23:00
Looks interesting, I don't have time now, but I will take a look and let you know my opinion sometime next week while i'm off work.

Just an aside, there are certain specific rules for this part of the forum that you need to follow otherwise your thread will be locked, you can find them here:

Some of the more pertinent rules:
Quote: "- The layout of your entry MUST be made in the following manner:

1.) Name of Game (in bold, underlined and centered); this can be substituted by a Title Graphic (the Game name must be in the graphic). The graphic should be reasonable in size.
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Posted: 14th Oct 2016 07:33
This thread has been locked as it does not adhere to the showcase board rules. These can be found here. Please send me or another moderator a PM once you are ready to edit your thread to follow community guidelines. We can then unlock this thread.


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