Virtual Reality / Oculus Rift CV1!

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Posted: 21st Jun 2016 13:55
I got my CV1 later last week but really didn't get a chance to play around with it 'til Sunday. I gotta say I'm kinda disappointed with it considering the time and money that supposedly has been put into it. I mean time and money on their end as well as the money I've spent and the time I've waited. The only other VR device I have is the DK1, so I can only compare it to that.

First off, the display is fantastic compared to the DK1, however, I think they could have done better still as I'm pretty sure there are higher-res small displays available (no screen door effect, but individual pixels are still visible even with my tired old eyes), . Perhaps next gen.

It is over built in my opinion. By this I mean it weighs approximately a quarter pound more than the DK1. This could be explained with the built in headphones, but I would have thought removing the motion sensors would have offset this (Isn't that what that little desktop sensor is for?) I don't pretend to know what else is in there, but it really is more cumbersome. It's harder to put on as well. The original straps were more than adequate, and if they wore out, they were likely replaceable. I'm not so sure about the rubber contraption it has now.

As far as using it, both my machines (MAME cabinet PC is my "desktop" and my laptop, specs in my sig) are way under the minimum specs video card-wise. I'm waiting for the GTX 1080 to become available somewhere. It works with my desktop and it's GTX 645 although it is often choppy, both video and audio. I expected this, so I am not disappointed nor do I have a right to be. It worked on my laptop much the same, but as soon as I updated VorpX so I could use it with games, it ceased functioning on the laptop altogether. Black screens on everything. I have since reverted everything back to previous runtimes. I will not try it on the laptop ever again! As it sits, it works fine with UE4, little to no lag (small scenes, desktop). With UE4 v 4.8, I can use CV1 on the desktop and DK1 on the laptop. The best of both worlds!

More to come after the GTX 1080 comes about and perhaps I'll have my PrioVR by then!
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