Work In Progress / Game about First World War.

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Posted: 29th May 2016 12:48
Game still in working period thats why it have only one level.
I want to know what You think about my game.
Game :


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Posted: 29th May 2016 14:02 Edited at: 29th May 2016 14:03
It crashed. test your game before zipping and uploading. Do not assume GameGuru did it all correctly. Plus you need more of a description to stay in the wip section without being locked.
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Posted: 29th May 2016 16:42
Well, not, that it is looking so bad, but: How do we know that this is set in WW I (other than from the title)?
I'm certainly no expert on war affairs, but did they really wear green battlesuits at that time ?
And did they have trenches within a town, only a half man's size deep and green on its flanks ?
And with ruins on both sides of the trench? Does that make military sense ?
I doubt it, I'm sorry to say
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Posted: 29th May 2016 21:09
WW1 is a very specific theme and you need specific items to create the right mood and make it look believable. you can use some of the stock items but you are limited to a certain style. maybe you google some pictures from WW1 and look at the frontlines. i would do that to get a realistic picture of how it has to look. also you could add some fog or smoke to th scene to make it look like there has been a lot of shooting and burning.
WW1 is very hard because you need very special weapons, ships or tanks from that time but i haven't found any in the game guru store or forum. so this is a very hard goal. good luck!
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