Work In Progress / "GrendalsPort" to "GrendalsHold" (a quick walkthrough)

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Posted: 16th Apr 2016 00:12
"A Tall Story part1" loosely based on the "Grendal" Story a quick walk up to the Hold I'm taking the quick route here,there's 3 quests before the Hold to complete but its turning out kinda nice and spotted the missing bit of wall lol

npc's, quests, monsters, inventory and part2

Anyone tried facerig? let me know if you have plz and if its any good?

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Posted: 13th Jun 2016 16:46
Nice ...Good weather atmosphere
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Posted: 14th Jun 2016 08:27 Edited at: 14th Jun 2016 08:28
Facerigs pretty good, however (and it was a long time ago when I tried it, back when it was first released) you are very limited with the models available, and (at the time I tried it, it may have been added since) you can only use the models supplied, which seem to be all sorts of cutesy comical animals.

As I say though It was just after release when I tried it so I have no idea what it is like now.

Your best bet though would be to use CrazyTalk, with crazy talk you can take any picture of a face and with a few tweaks animate it to talk, it has text to voice, voice record, or sound file play back, it also converts the voice to mouth movements phonetically instead of by translating recognised words so you get a more natural lip sync.

Unfortunately you missed out getting a free copy by a month, it was in Mays issue of Computer Shopper and PC Pro as per my thread in the 3rd party models forum at the time:

However it's well worth $49, and if I remember rightly the latest version allows you to actually make your own models and clothe them, then make them speak, so you would have a 3D talking character instead of a 2D one made to look like it's 3D.

You can get a 15 day free trial from:

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Posted: 14th Jun 2016 11:06
A really nice walk, good atmosphere!
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Posted: 15th Jun 2016 07:58
Feels like a huge world . Fog works well with the thunder to bring a bit of tension and slow the reveal.

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