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Posted: 23rd Mar 2016 20:17
The Return Home:
The main character was expelled from his home by militant reptiles. In dismay, he decides to take revenge and to return the home. According to his plan he will return the carrots and will trade it for a weapon for revenge.

Steam:[/u] [quote=] In advance thank you)))[u]


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Posted: 24th Mar 2016 01:27
Looks interesting.
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Posted: 24th Mar 2016 01:55
That left me speechless. Btw, I think this is the wrong thread for soliciting greenlights. I'm really not sure which thread you should post in, though. WIP, perhaps? Although it's not really a WIP. Good luck, anyway!
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Posted: 24th Mar 2016 05:29
The green grass seems incredibly bright for me and might be hard on the eyes after a while.
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Posted: 12th Apr 2016 11:18
I'm sorry for if what I'm about to say offends you as it's my intention to help not offended with that said....

I can not help greenlight this as I do not believe it a viable product, from what I see you have 1 kind of weapon and 1 kind of poorly animated enemy and nowhere near enough customization to separate this from anything someone could do in days in Guru. The base idea however is sound, just needs some fresh and innovative ways to push it further before I think it should be put forward as a product for sale, even the video show casing your game needs more effort put into it. A custom graphics showing your games title and not some text on black background.

As I said the base idea is good and you are off to a good start but this should just be the basic outlay for your game not the finished product.

Kudos to you for trying to get a game out there and good luck with it and any other game you release in the future. Hope this doesn't come across as negative
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Posted: 12th Apr 2016 14:10
I concur with AUShadow. This looks more like an alpha version than a full release.

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