Work In Progress / The Haunted Cemetery (Working Title)

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Posted: 12th Feb 2016 20:13
Hey guys!
I'm fairly new to the forum, but I've been using Game Guru since it came out. I'm really excited about this game I want to share with you guys, so here it is.

The working title is "The Haunted Cemetery", its a crappy title, but it represents the first level in the game, and thats all I've done so far, so there you go XD

The developer is ME, Ghetto Kitty (aka Stephanie)

The game is basically a FPS/horror game inspired by the classic game Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, on PS2 and Gamecube. The player is a warrior (the name and backstory are a WIP) who is investigating strange occurrences on behalf of the townspeople of a small village on the edge of the realm. The game begins as the player has left the village, and is about to explore an old cemetery high on the cliffs above the village. The player must fight their way through the hordes of undead, deep into the cemetery, through a series of crypts, and finally into a massive mausoleum deep underground, where they will face the source of the abominations terrorizing the countryside and put an end to the evil.

So far I've created a nicely polished first level, including the path to the cemetery, the first part of the cemetery, and the entrance to the first crypt. I used almost entirely original models for the level design, made by a friend who hand-painted the textures. The models are designed to have a simple, cartoony yet horror-themed look, throwing back to the game series this game was inspired by.

I've developed an awesome soundtrack for the game, unfortunately however, I've been unable to really implement anything other than level design so far, because I've been having tons and tons of issues with scripting (something I've attempted, but don't understand at all), i.e. problems with simple gameplay effects like having readable books the player can interact with, having music that changes depending on where the player is, and the most important part, a script which moves the player to the next level.

Here is a screenshot, the rest will be linked:

Here is the link to the gallery of the rest of the screenshots:
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Posted: 12th Feb 2016 20:17
Looking Great !!

A nice unique style you have going on there
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Posted: 12th Feb 2016 20:34
Looks interesting - if you manage solve your issues, a video would be nice. All the issues you mentioned are fixable, if you search the forums, so good luck.
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Posted: 12th Feb 2016 21:58
Thanks guys!

Yeah, I would love to do a video previewing the level, the only problem is my abysmal upload speed (it makes uploading a short 4-5 minute video to youtube a huge chore, and uploading HD video is extremely time consuming).

I could make a video today maybe, the only problem again is the music. I already figured out the win condition (I feel like such a brainless bimbo, switching levels is probably the easiest trigger event you can do XD), but the music is consistently causing me issues, either something is wrong with my audio file, or the scripts I modified to use with the soundtrack aren't set up right.

Hopefully I can show you guys some more content soon.
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Posted: 13th Feb 2016 01:14
Looks awesome, I too would like to see more of this when you can sort it out.

You can always ask for scripting help on these forums if you get really stuck ...

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Posted: 13th Feb 2016 23:31 Edited at: 13th Feb 2016 23:38
Very nice! I've been working on a similar project for a long time now and found a good place to get some assets of a similar nature (hand painted) is bitgem3d. If you need houses and villages I would check it out since it would compliment what you have going already. Great work! Keep the pics coming!

What sort of problems are you having with sound? Are you using .ogg format?

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Posted: 14th Feb 2016 02:45
Very coll stuff.
Make me feel like Tim Burton style.

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Posted: 14th Feb 2016 10:04
excellent atmosphere
I look forward to seeing new images!
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