Virtual Reality / Building VR (IN VR!) with UE4

Jerry Tremble
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Posted: 5th Feb 2016 00:30 Edited at: 5th Feb 2016 00:31
This just came out today, should we expect to be able to do this in GG within the next year or two?
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Posted: 5th Feb 2016 10:06
Cool idea but its not practical, much easier to just use the mouse.
Keep VR for the actual gameplay please
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Posted: 23rd Feb 2016 23:11
I disagree. It's VERY practical. Saves you from putting on and taking off your HMD every time you want to test any changes or additions you've made. I'm hoping that this is going to be a game engine standard so that we see it being possible in Unity, CryEngine/Lumberyard and GameGuru too.
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