Work In Progress / Hero's of Forgotten Worlds WIP

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Posted: 24th Jan 2016 07:02 Edited at: 29th Jan 2016 18:12
Hero's of Forgotten Worlds

Developer name: Benjamin Astrino

Story Line: (Not Fully developed)
Basic concept is to place the player in a Mystic world with all sorts of strange creatures.
Story line is basic due to the limitations I have been running into while working with GG.
Player starts of as a young lad working on his Uncles farm lands and finds his new power (to be chosen in game).
Player will get noticed by the evil force which would like to capture him/her (since the player will be the last of their kind left in the world)
The evil force has intentions of capturing the player to make sure the player fights on their side. The player will determine the end result of a war between the Good forces and the Evil forces. The player will have an option to join Good or Evil.
The rest is on my Notepad.

Screen Shots:


Facebook Page:

Nomis3D (Models purchased from the store)
Dagored (Farm Animals Pack)
The Game Creators

Me = noob

and i love The TGC : )
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Posted: 24th Jan 2016 08:17
That looks great. I like the placement of the castle into the terrain also with surrounding boulders.
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Posted: 29th Jan 2016 18:10
Some updates:
- added doors
- roughed up the mountain
- added scenery on the path around the castle
- added live stock
- added additional scenery in the market area of the castle
- added check point on mountain path
- added secret area on mountain
- added small village on mountain path
- added Windmill scene to further down the mountain trail
- adjusted the texture of the in/around the water.
- added grass around the trail of around the mountain

- Frames dropped to 24FPS while in the castle
- Grass has stopped appearing where it has been places

Adjustments required:
- Live stock LUA needs adjustments.
- additional Mountain Roughness needed. (mountains are smooth)


The Hall inside the Keep:

The new bridge:

Path around the mountain:

Small Village:

Village Black smith:

Mountain Castle Entrance:

On the wall:

Me = noob

and i love The TGC : )

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