Virtual Reality / VR after the performance SDLC

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Posted: 21st Jul 2015 15:55
When the performance SDLC is done, will there be any consideration to re-introduce VR support (now that the Rift CV1 and Vive specs have been announced)?

The performance requirements for VR are fairly steep right now (Oculus recommends GeForce GTX 970, rift CV1 at 90 fps... in reality a scene should run at 120fps non-VR before screen percentage super sampling is done by VR renderer).

I know it all depends on level design but, using the proverbial crystal ball, could anyone make a general prediction on these performance metrics as applied to Game Guru and VR?
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Posted: 24th Jul 2015 03:30 Edited at: 9th Sep 2015 02:20
Those ARE pretty steep demands. None of my current hardware can match that! As I'm on a sort-of 3-4 year span between computer upgrades, it will be some time before I have something that will suffice. I'm about 1 1/2 years into both my laptop and desktop. I will not buy anything new for at least two more years. Oh well, my DK 1 still works with Unreal. I just like the immersive experience of it all. Graphics quality on the DK1 is horrible, I know, but I will just have to live with it!

EDIT: BTW, Lee said earlier this year that it would be reintroduced later this year. I don't know if that plan has changed, though, with the new feature voting system! I will submit it as a feature request now that it's fresh in my mind. It's one of the many reasons I signed on here from the get-go. I dabbled in DBPro for some time and somebody had a working OR add-on for it which was pretty cool, but the promise of it in an easy to use engine convinced me to switch! It's been already quite some time, but I still mess around with UE4 as well.

Just a little update: DK1 no longer works with UE4 or, it seems, Win 10. I've been messing with it since Oculus released the .7 update a couple weeks ago which made it Win 10 compatible. The Dk1 will still work with the old demos and the DBPro add on, but not with anything new. Kinda sucks, and I realize when I first bought it things would probably change, but it still kinda sucks! LOL! While DK2 is tempting, I will wait for the consumer kit to be released, as my DK1 is now obsolete.
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