Work In Progress / Riddle-Horror, what do you think?

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I have made a short level for which I'd love to hear your honest opinions.
I want to make a riddle game in an uncomfortable atmosphere (horror-like) but I had to make it simple because of performance issue.
I need to know if it's boring (if it is, just tell me) or if I'm on to something.
(Too boring, too simple, too hard, too not-interesting, too many enemies, not enough, etc. Be honest, I won't cry... well perhaps a bit...)

Project title: "Raven" by Jack T

(There's no storyline at the moment You're a guy trapped in an old and strange hospital and who needs to solve a series of riddle to get out.
My first idea was no weapon at all; I put one but I'd rather have an "unarmed" game. What do you think?
Of course it's not finished, with your advice I'd like to make it better or modify the entire project.

Download here:

PS: One riddle might not suit the non-european and non-american gamers. It works for Australia, the others I'm not sure.

Why pick a side, if there's no good and bad...


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