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Ensuing Antebellum: North vs South

Developer: DonMena/Mena Media Solutions

Storyline: "Its the summer of 1863 a time of the American Civil War. Frank Williams finds himself barley making it out alive just outside Gettysburg from two thugs that were after him for something he did. Once he wakes up from his punishment, he finds himself outside of the house of James Henson, a soldier on the Union side of the war effort. In the house he finds James’ journal. After reading it and finding more remnants of it outside he decides he should go out and look and return the journal to James that shows clear sings of being incomplete. He also comes to the conclusion that he should join the cause and take up arms, but for which side?"

Description: Welcome to the world of Ensuing Antebellum. Begin your journey as you make your way around our recreation of some of the most historically important cities of the American Civil War. You are Frank Williams in this RPG style game, caught in the the American Civil War, after making this realization you are left to fight along side either the North or the South to regain your purpose after your swift defeat by two thugs. Set out on your Journey to fight for your side, and put together the pieces to who is James Henson. Explore the world, just be careful... You never know what can happen in Ensuing Antebellum: North vs South.

Ensuing Antebellum takes some of the most historically significant cities, and recreates them for this game setting in which you are left to choose a side. You then take arms against the other side in your war efforts. It integrates facts of the actual war to build a time line around actual events to help set the stage for the many quest lines you can follow. A big emphasis of this is visible in James Henson's Journal as he writes about some of the major events in the war. This is still a game though, with random events, battles, and consequences to certain actions, you wont always know what to expect.

Check out the website for it as well, it too is currently a work in progress...


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