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Posted: 6th Jun 2015 17:57
Hi there
I thought that it would be nice to have water that you can change the level eg. raise and fall. Also a good one would be have a way to make caves within the game. I'm new to all of this but I hope that you'll understand what I mean. Hope that this will be in future updates. Many thanks
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Posted: 6th Jun 2015 19:28
I guess both things are already on the "todo" list. Maybe in one of the next updates...
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Posted: 8th Jun 2015 03:46
In terms of the water height... its something i've heard a lot of people ask for, myself included. I believe they will be doing a big water update in the updates to come from what I read a little while ago.

For me caves are not important as I'd rather construct them using cave hall way segments/pieces. Its lighter on memory that way. Rather than cutting into the terrain.
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