Feature Creep / My "little" wishes for scripting

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Posted: 3rd Jun 2015 07:02 Edited at: 3rd Jun 2015 07:36
Full Mouse support (Mousekey, x , y ) is a must have. Without it you are very limited with GameGuru.
Better 2D support is my little wish ( clipping , scaling and rotating)

With these two wishes we would have the base to create RPGs, RTSs or some Interactive Huds for shooters, inventorys .... ect.

So, beloved Team of GameGuruDevs.... is it chrismas for me soon?

All in all: Keep up your excellent Work!


p.s.: seen that "Please include clear descriptions of your feature suggestion in the thread title. " thread too late, so: i'm sorry, tried to edit but can'T.

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