Off Topic / [ANNOUNCEMENT] Off Topic Board: What's allowed, and what isn't.

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This is meant to be a reference as to what is, and what isn't, allowed in the Off Topic Board. We want the Community Membership to be able to freely discuss most topics here, amicably. However, there are certain topics which are better left on another Forum Board. Some of the topics not allowed here include (but are not limited to):

- Threads about Competing (or similar) Products
- Subjects that directly violate the AUP
- Making threads/posts that directly, or indirectly, advertise a non-TGC product.
- Spamming or disrupting threads.
- Trolling another user.
- Openly arguing with Support Staff (use the PM system).

The GameGuru Support Staff can, and will, delete/lock/move any thread that goes against what is laid out above. Community Members who do not follow these guidelines may find themselves on post moderation (or in worst-case scenarios, banned).
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