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Posted: 11th May 2015 17:28
Every now and then I like to look at the original kick starter page to excite myself for the exciting times ahead with one of the best purchases I ever made. I know we've come along way since then and priorities have changed so I wanted to see where we actually where with the engine since its release. On first glance it looks like not that much has been done, but on closer inspection. It appears that the Devs have touched bases on about 75% of the promised features. I have attached an analysed document listing all the current, well implemented features, the semi-developed features and the features that have not been developed yet. One thing I couldn't help but laugh was at the highest, £150,000 stretch target. Third person support which lee has promised VERY soon. Its great to see Lee and the team just throwing in surprises here and there and keeps us on our toes as we don't know what pleasantries will be added when. There are a couple of features which I have highlighted which I think should maybe have been in it from the start or thereabouts, particularly anti-aliasing, media protection and infinite terrain. Anyway, Love to see these three features soon as part of a minor build. But Fantastic work Guys Keep it up! I've followed TGC for 8 years now and will continue to based on the great work they do.
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