Feature Creep / Idea for Improvements to Trigger/Sound Zones

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Trigger / Sound Zones Improvement Idea :Edited:

The option of adding text into the properties setting to allow text to be displayed on screen once the zone is triggered.


Properties Settings of Trigger Zone

+ General
+ AI System
+ Sound
- Text
Prompt -- "Text to be displayed on screen" -- and maybe the ability to print variables, etc. as well, if useful.
Prompt Size -- Size of text
Prompt Colour -- Colour of text (R,G,B)
Prompt Coordinates -- The x and y position of the text on screen
Prompt Font -- Font style of text (if ever supported)
Prompt Duration -- Amount of time to show the text
Prompt Flash Rate -- Cycle rate for a flashing text

This would enable a user to display text on screen without having to modify scripts.

If added into the sound zone, etc it would give the user the option to display the track name etc of current music being played as well.
I may be old, but at least my memory still ....hmmm

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