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Posted: 18th Apr 2015 21:40 Edited at: 18th Apr 2015 21:49
As part of my concept testing for an Australian outback themed project I needed a script to apply a "shade" value of trees, specifically an accumulative effect (given outback trees are found in clumps as averse to "forests".)

I ended up with a script that allows a tree to be added in the IDE, "tree shade" script applied, "health" value set and simply copy pasted at will and at random with no need to keep track of the count.

For coders, they may be interested in how the array is auto counted and populated.

See comments for use - specifically performance issues if you get stupid about it. I tested it with over 500 (low poly) trees and didn't even notice it was running so I know it works when used within it's intention boundaries. See comments for more information.

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Posted: 18th Apr 2015 21:47
Looks very interesting, Glad you tagged the script by both forum names. its hard to know who your talking to sometimes.
I am myke1net on the steam board.

Nice script. great work again.
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Posted: 19th Apr 2015 15:35
great script sistermatic
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Posted: 19th Apr 2015 19:38
Great script ! Thank you !

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