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Posted: 17th Apr 2015 22:40 Edited at: 17th Apr 2015 23:08
I'm trying to run multiple timers in a project. I call poll_timer(n) and I get a trigger when n has elapsed. It works fine except where 2 scripts that use it have overlapping range. If I place the script at the bottom of each calling script it works fine and I've had 3 timers all running with different n values with no issue. An easy enough workround but inefficient, obviously.

In the tradition of a pedantic and perfectionist coder I know I can do better so quite some time was spent trying to get some kind of indexing array happening so I could call with poll_timer(index,n) but after 4 hours my eyes are glassed over and my head is done in.

I need a single function with multiple call ability with concurrent overlap.

How would you do it? I'm almost in quit mode and will settle for the workround

Can you help me Obiwan?

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