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Posted: 13th Apr 2015 14:42
Are there any scripts or options, set the Schooter so that one has a scoring system to Call of Duty. if you have a certain number of points you have won and weapons selection would not be bad that you can buy weapons in the menu. But I also wanted to have a menu points. can you realizing?

Sry for my bad English.
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Posted: 13th Apr 2015 14:55
That should be doable! You'd have to script it yourself or check for someone who can help you with it because this does not yet work "out of the box"
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Posted: 13th Apr 2015 15:07 Edited at: 13th Apr 2015 15:09
anyone know how multiplayer determines which player is which?
is it entity number based or is there some way to tell them apart via scripts?

edit; it seems there's already a scoring system for team based play
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Posted: 13th Apr 2015 15:09
I don't know off hand, but I could ask.
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