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Posted: 13th Apr 2015 08:52
Maybe there is a really good idea why this won't work but it seems to me that it would be a lot better to make the Multiplayer Mode a separate exe. For a start it would be easier to load as you could launch it directly from your steam library, and secondly you would be able to tell when people where playing MULTIPLAYER rather than just GameGuru in general.

I suppose it could be included as a standalone DLC for GameGuru, so only people who own GG can download it - but it is free.

Maybe there is a really good reason why this is a stupid idea but please get back too me as these seems like a much better why off doing it and I can't imagine it being very hard to design.

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Posted: 13th Apr 2015 09:49
There will be a separate "player" utility on steam that will be free and independent of GameGuru for sharing standalone multiplayer games. This is still a ways off but in the master plan.
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