Scripts / Any way to get Rotation Value of an entity?

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Posted: 6th Apr 2015 23:18
I'm wondering if there is a way to Get from the engine the Y Rotation Value (between 0 - 360 degrees) of an entity??

I do not see this value in the g_Entity [e] [ ?? ]. Is it available from somewhere else of can it be calculated??


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Posted: 7th Apr 2015 17:13
You need to get the angle, so I ignored if there is some command for that.
I think this is a good place to:

So, you can get the entity angle in any moment. just my thoughs.

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Posted: 8th Apr 2015 19:42 Edited at: 8th Apr 2015 19:45
im sure there is some complicated 3D maths for it but it'd take someone smarter than me to know what.
you can however store the value yourself as long as you keep track of it's initial value (the angle you place it at in the editor) and then adjust this value and use setrotation to apply it

i used some code in my turret script to detect when the turret was facing the player

remember to store the angle_found first
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