Scripts / [Request] Script active LUA on any level and EXE external control

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Posted: 31st Mar 2015 11:24

I started looking at the design of an inventory "Drag and Drop" to GameGuru.
But I miss some interactions in the LUA script that handles the display of the inventory.

1 - Do you know how to TriggerZone a LUA script and placed on the player at the start of the level makes active LUA script on the entire level? So basically ensure that a LUA script is active throughout an entire level.

2 - Do you know what LUA command to execute an external program developed in C ++ ".exe"? Because the inventory is a C ++ program that will be displayed in GameGuru to give orders (through other LUA scripts) and it will appear in the foreground forced giving back to mouse control the player in order to move the elements .

This is only a test but I wish I had the answers 1 and 2 ^^
If inventory works miraculously I should publish.

Thank you to you!
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Posted: 31st Mar 2015 17:51
sounds great, just hope it works, i'm no script writer, but good luck with the inventory, will it be carried across multiple levels?
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Posted: 31st Mar 2015 17:57
1. place an entity and set it always active in the properties section (you can hide it in the properties too)

2. you can use os.execute() i guess if the file is inside the standalone files folder
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Posted: 31st Mar 2015 19:29
You'd be better off making your program a Lua extension plugin (DLL). Then you can talk directly to your external C++ code. That's how I did Omega Core and it works great. I was even able to create a 2D GUI layer on top of Game Guru using this technique, which is pretty much what you are trying to do as well.
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Posted: 3rd Apr 2015 11:58
Look here ok is in german but you see the comands:

this is a snap shot from me code:

Have Fun & Good luck

PS: os.getenv("USERNAME") is reading system variables

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