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david j
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Posted: 7th Mar 2015 20:14 Edited at: 7th Mar 2015 21:33
Hello everyone!
So this is my project i'm working on right now.

Title: Endless
Dev: David J

It's a horror survival game based in British Columbia where the player awakens in a test facility having survived a aggressive virus that has taken out 90% of the population. The players goal is to search for safety, humans and a cure. Players can explore the world in 3/4 levels ranging from mountains, woodland, rivers and city.

I set up and my long term goal is to gain funding through Kickstarter to buy more objects, scripts and maybe try for Steam Greenlight if im happy with the outcome. Any constructive feedback or new ideas would be amazing.


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Posted: 7th Mar 2015 20:32
Hi David J,

Please can you bring your thread up to meet the Work In Progress board requirements.

Check this link to see what is missing and how you need to lay everything out.

Your screenshot looks good. Looks like you have set a creepy atmosphere.



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