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Welcome to the GameGuru Showcase Board; the following rules/guidelines will be strictly adhered to:

- This Board is for finished GameGuru Games and Demos ONLY; not GameGuru Mods, add-ons, tools, or websites, etc.

- What is NOT allowed here:

1.) Alphas/Betas (this indicates that you are still in development...otherwise know as a WIP).

2.) Games that looked like they were "thrown together" overnight (I realize that leaves room for interpretation, and it can be discussed with a Moderator).

3.) Quick little "levels" (a level does not constitute a full game or demo; however, if it can be proved to be a "tech demo", or to show off a specific Mod, it may be allowed).

- Your Game/Demo MUST be complete (no more editing or changes allowed...other than performance issues, or needed updates), otherwise it will be either moved to the GameGuru WIP Board or deleted entirely.

- You MUST have only 3 IN-GAME screenshots (.jpg only, scene renders and menus do not count...thumbnails are acceptable), we suggest that you make them your best. These screenshots [b]MUST
be in your first post (they must be visible without clicking on a link). Additional screens can be scene renders and/or menu shots. You may also post a link to additional images, in your first post.

** There are many ways to host your images; one popular way is to use Image Shack:

- You MUST have a description of the game and/or a storyline to go with it. A description/storyline that is NOT acceptable, is something along the lines of: "You have to fight off the evil Nazi Zombies from outer space, or be destroyed".

- Having a valid link to your game isn't required; but it is highly encouraged (for those who do not wish to have their work out in public just yet). If you have a link to your game/demo, it should be maintained. If you choose not to have a link to your game/demo, you should include more screenshots and/or an in-game video.

- If you post a game/demo here and it disappears; it was either moved to the WIP Board, or deleted entirely (contact a Mod). This Board will remain uncluttered.

- Constructive criticism is allowed; however, since any game/demo posted here is in it's final form, keep the criticism more in line with a "review".

- The layout of your entry MUST be made in the following manner:

1.) Name of Game (in bold, underlined and centered); this can be substituted by a Title Graphic (the Game name must be in the graphic). The graphic should be reasonable in size.
2.) Developer name (a "company name" is acceptable)
3.) Storyline and/or description
4.) 3 Screenshots no larger than 1024x768 (in-game only; thumbnails are acceptable)
5.) Link to additional images (optional)
6.) Website and/or videos...must be click-able (optional)
7.) Download link...must be click-able (optional)
8.) Credits (optional)
9.) Contact info (optional)

** These rules/guidelines are subject to amendments at any time.[/b]

We all look forward to what all you GameGurus have to show us!
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