Work In Progress / [LOCKED] [WIP] Undercover: The City Alone

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Posted: 14th Aug 2014 14:08
My work have started a week ago. currently working on models and level 1. Screenshots and stand alone files will be available after a week.

Levels decided- 5 medium sized levels.

story -
You are a undercover officer who enters a city which was left by all people and literally 'haunted' in search of terrorists. you must go through all places. you are in the city alone!

I have started first level. I dont want to tell everything. i just tell the location.

1st level-

2nd level-
its a port where trucks, trams, cars, containers are kept.

3rd, 4th, 5th-
not decided,

just 15%.

I will post my entities in store after release of game in store and 15% for free.
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Posted: 18th Aug 2014 21:54
You Might Not Know But You Must Have A Photo Otherwise It Will Taken OFF
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Posted: 24th Aug 2014 17:00
W.I.P evidence

SCREEN SHOTS are required for all posts you make in this board. If you've got a demo of a game then great, post a screenie of it, and maybe even a download. Otherwise, you're not really at the stage where you can call it a Work In Progress.

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