Work In Progress / Sadistic: An emotionally disturbing horror game

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Posted: 26th Jun 2014 06:47
Title: Sadistic

Developer: Isisdragon

Storyline: Horrible. A government establishment like no other. The Asylum. Conveniently located directly adjacent to the graveyard and, ironically, on the opposite side of the graveyard from town. This accurately modeled its place beyond the grave. A facility, or, more accurately, a prison for those afflicted with mental and physical disabilities. However, the price of admission was steeper than simple disorders. “Guests” at the Asylum tended towards extreme fits of rage, bursts of superhuman strength, and the capability of monstrously horrible acts. In spite of this, the government continued to introduce more visitants to the institution’s horrible quarters. Frequent screams harking from the Asylum stirred up rumors of human experiments, causing unrest and a growing distrust of the government officials endorsing the institution. Many innocent citizens went to investigate. They disappeared. No one knew if they were dead, but prayed they were. Life at the Asylum was worse than any death. To quiet the screams of their visitors and regain the trust of the people, a secret decision was made by top names in the government to euthanize the poor souls at the Asylum by use of lethal injection. However, the poison reacted strangely with the bodies of the prisoners, taking them not fully to the grave, but to an odd state on the line between tortured life and blissful death. As the tables turned, screams rung out on the wings of the night from the mouths of the wardens of the Asylum. Blind with rage, the once-victims took their revenge, turning the once-workers into warnings for anyone who tried to take them captive again. However, no one was willing to investigate the empty Asylum, after seeing the symbol of the monsters’ newfound power. A skull statue and wall made from the rubble of the Asylum now serve as flag of the confederation of the beasts.

Description: A horror game filled with disturbing Easter eggs and areas that live up to the title.

Sorry for the dark tone, I'm just really getting into this horror thing. Loving the horror pack and can't wait for the zombie pack. My plans are kinda on hold until the zombie pack is released, but I will keep fine-tuning the map until then. I'd love suggestions for plot, areas, or anything in between. (BTW: Yes, I am a noob, and it could take me a while to get the game solid. Luckily, I have this weird fear of having glitches in my finished games that should keep me plugging away at bugs until I have a polished version.)

Thanks in advance for keeping me fired up!

Fall awake


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Posted: 27th Sep 2014 15:05
Wow! The forest is really creepy, you are doing a great job.
What's the project status?

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