Work In Progress / [WIP] The Undead Escape: 2 Ways To Hell

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Posted: 8th Jun 2014 00:58 Edited at: 5th Jul 2014 03:28
Update 1:What Is It:The Undead Escape Is A Fully Based Open World Zombie Game Based Off A Youtube Movie Called The Undead Escape Channel Name: Smartheart16 There Are 3 In The Series Out

Story: You Are Benny A 23 Year Old Stuck In An Apocalypse The World Has Gone To Pieces But Still Has A Rough Number Of 1 Million People On Earth Your Objective Is To Survive And Gather Supplies While Having Zombies And Bandits Come Out Of Nowhere To Attack You There Will Be Side Quests To Help You And Make You Get To Know About Yourself And Whats Going On In This Hell Hole

What Happened About The Zombies: It Was A Syringe Of A Spider Bite That Started This All It Went On A Boy Named Lachlan When At His House He Was Researching It And After A Party Half Of The People There Got Infected By Starting Another Party In The Basement Where The Syringes Were And Now Lachlan Is Called A Mutant.

Whats The Achievement: To Make Games More Story Telling, Fun and Interesting With Most Genres Combined Together In One.

Our Development Team Are Called The Funzy Shots We Are Still Getting A Lot More People To Help Us With This Game

Alpha Coming Soon And Will Only Be Out For 1 Week

Update 2: We Have Recruited Some People And A Person Who Is Good At LUA Scripting But Wont Release Alpha 1 Until August Or July (Please Post If You Know A Thing Or Two About LUA Hunger)

Update 3: We Have Added Some Sick Dubstep Music And Some Side Quests To The Game And Have A Couple Of Voice Actors Now.

If You Want To Try My Game From What Ive Done Now Subscribe To My Youtube Channel And You Will Try Whats Been Done Now Also Next Week Or In A Couple Weeks Time I Will Show You Pictures Of My Models I Have Made To Be Zombies And Terrorists.

Please If You Try It Now Don't Judge Its Coming Out In January And Will Be Going To Steam If We Get This Game Greenlit.

Also Check Out My Website With Information About The Movie And Game And About My Youtube Channel.

Last Update: The important Stuff Will Come Out Here But I Would Like To Say We Know Have A Blogspot So If You Want To Know About It You Can Hear About It Here:


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Posted: 24th Jun 2014 21:29
Looks okay. Uploading a jpg file instead of a bmp will help a lot.

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Posted: 25th Jun 2014 14:01
Looks ok, but, as A dude said, uploading in jpeg will work better and will get a better response. People don't tend to like downloading images just to view them.

With regards to the image you have shown, if you turn the bloom down to '0', you will get a much crisper and sharper look. Bloom for some reason just blurs everything.



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Posted: 1st Jul 2014 01:55
Thanks For The Responses I Am Now Changing The Picture To JPEG

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