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Posted: 22nd Jan 2014 02:12
Now that lua is being introduced into fpscr, I will be converting some of my game scripts over.

Specifically the RP/Survival scripts.

I aim to have a rp-survival game,

with features such as;

Leveling System - Experienced based leveling system, obtained via quests/kills/jobs.

AI Merchants - Basic merchants that buy and sell basic items and

Black-market type merchants (located in harder zones) that sell higher rated items.

Player Classes -

Grunt - Light assault class - M16 / Beretta / Flak Jacket / Nades / Knife

Medic - Life support class - Beretta / Medical Kits / Defib / Adrenaline

Merc - Heavy assault class - M240 / Dual Beretta / Heavy Kevlar / Nades / Knife

Sniper - Scout class - L115A1 / Beretta / Ghillie Suit / Knife

Demo - Motar / Shotgun / Beretta / Knife / C4 / Claymores

Resources - Food/Water/Wood/Metal/Material (collectable/gathered/traded)

Currency - Basic copper/silver/gold/platinum (can make from smelting ores)

Weapons/Armour - Use resources to forge/create your own weapons/armour or simply purchase from vendors

Jobs - Specialize in a field of work to reap rewards.

Teams - 5-10man teams that can be organized to enter "Hard Zones" to kill more difficult bosses (Human/Mutant/Demon/etc)

Factions - Lay claim to zones, build fortifications, expand you regions. Ideally there would be zone bonuses like, improved healing/ reduced food requirements etc etc

Turf Wars - Assault other factions in attempt to claim their lands, by killing all the opposing faction members, the victorious faction will obtain the lands.

The survival aspect will required the consistent need for

food - Improves; run / jump / melee / steady weapon

water - Improves; vision / stamina

medical - Prevents infections / viruses / general injuries.

This is but a very very brief look into what I plan.

The downfall is my LUA is not the best out there.

So when we are up and running with more fpscr support,

I will share the work I have.
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Posted: 23rd Jan 2014 19:05

I am also new to LUA.. see my first play with the DOOR script in other post...

I look forward to seeing your work as I don't have the faintest what half of things you list mean and how you would do them... so I am looking forward to

learning from you..

I'm excited to see what Lee will add to LUA next

Have fun
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Posted: 26th Jan 2014 23:46
I am also very keen to see some leveling and survival type scripts, mind u however all the ideas u have there all sound pretty awsome

Just a hobbyist but hey putting together a FPSC Reloaded wiki with links to mods, effects and tutorials, made it fully public so anyone can edit it if anyone wants to help out anyway, here's the link,,,, very basic atm
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Posted: 28th Jan 2014 08:49
So far.

Currency system is currently - Platinum > Gold > Silver > Copper

At the moment, it's only acquirable via kills.

Some items can be collected but currently unable to sell.

NPC traders are still in the works.

Jobs are in the works.

So far I have;

Engineers (Currently able to build fences and gates)

Medics (Currently able to self heal and heal friends)

Snipers (Rifle modeled"no animation yet", ghillie suit model wip)

Mages (Currently only fireballs and ice blasts"sprites are a wip")

Assault (has m16, beretta, nades"armour is a wip"

Archer (Bow has been modeled"needs animation still")

The exp system will determine the job level.

Each faction can have their own job bosses (1 boss per job/per faction)


Level 1 job = recruit

Level 5 job = member

Level 10 job = dedicated

Level 15 job = leader

Level 20 job = Job Boss

Each level will come with bonuses from hp/mp/ammo/armour/and other stat increases.

Quests are still a wip.

Have the basic to kill animals/people and to collect certain items.

There will be exp/item/currency rewards.

Blacksmith is a wip.

Can turn 5metal 1wood into a sword/flail/morningstar

Can turn 15metal into steelchest plate

Can turn 5leather 5metal into a flak jacket

Can turn 1metal into 5rounds "atm all weapons use the one ammo type"

Mage staffs currently are using a charge system.

Each basic staff holds 30 charges.

Working on a "Ritual" type event that will recharge the staff.

Food and water - both bars are a basic numerical value - 100

Food drains at;

1per min when walking

2per min when jumping

3per min when running

4per min when attacking

4per min when being attacked

0 Food bar makes you lose 1health per second

Water drains at;

1per min when walking

2per min when jumping

3per min when running

4per min when attacking

4per min when being attacked

0 Water bar makes you;

Blurred vision

Stops health regeneration

Stops mana regeneration

Stops you from running

Decrease your jump height

Increase your sway/bob (really hard to aim)

Still working on zoning for faction wars.
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Posted: 29th Jan 2014 08:32
-- Lua Object Notation -

local pairs = pairs

local type = type

local string = string

local math = math

local tostring = tostring

local ValidEntity = ValidEntity

local error = error

local print = print

local setmetatable = setme

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