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Posted: 19th Jan 2014 12:42
Hi there I know 0 about scrips but I am looking

to give it a shot with what we have in the alpha

I have a light in my map and I have set the main script

to "light.lua" and the contents of said file is below

-- LUA Script - precede every function and global member with lowercase name of script + '_main'

-- Light Changes when aprochaed

function light_main(e)

lightrange = lr

PlayerDX = g_Entity[e]['x'] - g_PlayerPosX;

PlayerDY = g_Entity[e]['y'] - g_PlayerPosY;

PlayerDZ = g_Entity[e]['z'] - g_PlayerPosZ;

PlayerDist = math.sqrt(math.abs(PlayerDX*PlayerDX)+math.abs(PlayerDY*PlayerDY)+math.abs(PlayerDZ*PlayerDZ));

if PlayerDist < 80 then

lr = 0

if PlayerDist > 80 then

lr = 8000



from what I understand with the code that I have added it should enable or disable the light based on the distance that I am from it but its not working

any one able to help?

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Posted: 20th Jan 2014 11:19 Edited at: 20th Jan 2014 11:30

I am not sure about LUA, Not had a chance to play with it yet but it looks like you have a condition within a condition to me. This might be causing your trouble.

In your code you are saying that if PlayerDist is smaller than 80 then do something (first condtion) and then within that condition you are saying that if PlayerDist > 80 then do something (second condtion).

It could never get to the second condition unless the first condition is smaller than 80 but then it could not run the second condition because the first one is saying that PlayerDist is smaller than 80

Your Code:

This is what I think you want:

You will probably need to get rid of the First and Second condition quotes within the code if you copy and paste.

Hope this helps

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