Work In Progress / [ANNOUNCEMENT] Work in Progress Thread Requirements: Please Read before Posting

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Works in Progress

When you feel you are ready to show off what you've been working on; starting up a Work in Progress (WIP) thread is the next logical step in the development process. This is the required format for all Work in Progress threads:

Thread Layout


1.) Name of Game; this can be substituted by a Title Graphic (the Game name must be in the graphic). The graphic should be reasonable in size.

2.) Developer name.

3.) Storyline and/or description.

4.) No limit on screenshots in the initial post; but you MUST have at least one (in-game only; thumbnails are acceptable) in your INITIAL post. The mandatory image MUST be either viewable in the post itself, without having to click a link; or available by clicking on the attachment button. Screenshots should not exceed 800x600 pixels; no one wants to have to scroll to see your image. You may link to a larger image however.


5.) Link(s) to additional images.

6.) Website and/or videos...must be click-able.

7.) Demo download link...must be click-able.

8.) Credits.

9.) Contact Info.[/b]


You should also consider updating your initial post, when significant changes occur in your project; as many people stop after looking at the first post.

Of course a WIP thread should be allowed some creative freedom. After making sure you have the required elements above in place (remember, some of those listed above are "optional"); feel free to give your thread any special touches you want.

To see what a basic Work in Progress Thread should look like; check out the Example WIP Thread: The Dig


This is an example Work in Progress Thread, that shows the minimum way a thread should be laid out in this section. Please note that the Title could be substituted for a "title graphic".
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